Absentee Procedures

The educational process requires regular, continuous attendance in school. The Ocean City School District places a high priority on regular attendance. This attendance shall include classroom participation, study by all students, regular contact of students with one another and student participation in well planned instructional activities under the tutelage of competent teachers. These activities are all vital to a thorough educational program.

With this in mind, it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to see to it that the children in their care regularly attend school (18A: 38-25). Parents are sent and students are given a copy of our attendance policy. Please read it carefully as poor attendance could lead to poor grades, detention, loss of eligibility, summer school, retention and/or court action. The NJDOE labels students who miss 10% as “chronically absent”, which may be used in determining a student’s eligibility for promotion.

Consequently, there is a responsibility upon parents/guardians to have students attend school regularly. The Board of Education cannot condone unnecessary absences.

If your child will be absent...