Personnel Services Department

The Ocean City School District seeks to provide services to our staff that support our District’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.

Our mission is to provide the best educational environment for our students by attracting the most qualified candidates for our District, making our employees feel welcome and supported to succeed.

The Personnel Services Department is committed to supporting our employees by providing the following services:

  • Ensuring that our staff are given the tools, training, and motivation to operate in the most efficient and effective manner.

  • Promoting and recruiting best qualified people, while recognizing and encouraging the value of diversity in the workplace.

  • Providing a work environment that is safe, healthy, secure, as well as, conscious of long-term family and community goals.

  • Establishing, administering, and effectively communicating sound policies, rules, and practices that treat employees with dignity and equality, while maintaining the District’s compliance with employment and labor laws, New Jersey Administrative Code, New Jersey Statutes, and local bargaining agreements.

The Personnel Services Department is dedicated to affording our employees the same concern, respect, and nurturing that we expect them to provide to students.

Kelly Donato, Personnel Services Manager

609-399-1290 ext. 2261

  • FMLA / Medical Leaves  

  • Retirement

  • Payroll

  • New Hire Processing 

Scotty Keiluhn, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent


  • Attendance 

  • Certification 

  • Coaches/Volunteers

  • Substitute Processing